Winterpro2 Sport SUV

The winter companion for powerful SUVs


The Winterpro2 Sport SUV is the new GT Radial winter tyre for latest perfomance SUVs, brings high levels of grip on wet and snowy roads, and delivers exceptional driving pleasure.

All the advantages Properties and use

Large shoulder blocks and multi T-bars
Stability and stiffness for high speed precision. large, wide blocks on the outside shoulder increase the contact area, ensuring a larger footprint for maximum control and steering precision while cornering on dry roads.
Four ultra-wide grooves
Fast water evacuation for firm braking
Scimitar shapedirectional profile with razor sharp edges
Grip on snow and wet road

Performance figures Performance clearly defined

Tire size Load capacity Speed Load class
215/60R17 96 H SL 3PMSF C B 70 B
215/65R17 99 V SL 3PMSF D B 70 B
225/60R17 99 V SL 3PMSF C B 70 B
225/65R17 106 H XL 3PMSF C B 70 B
235/55R17 103 V XL 3PMSF C B 71 B
235/50R18 101 V XL 3PMSF C B 71 B
235/55R18 104 H XL 3PMSF C B 71 B
235/60R18 107 V XL 3PMSF C B 71 B
235/55R19 105 V XL 3PMSF C B 71 B