Maxmiler Pro

Premium mileage

70-71 dB

„The latest generation of transporter tyres, providing improved durability and reduced wear and tear even under high loads.“

All the advantages Properties and use

Reinforced sidewall construction
Improved durability and stability at high loads
Flat tread contour
High contact area for increased wear volume and extended mileage
New tread compound
Excellent driving characteristics in wet conditions, confirmed by very good label values
Modern profile design
Noise reduction, improved driving comfort and reduced environmental impact

Performance figures Performance clearly defined

Tire sizeLoad capacitySpeedPRFuel efficiencyWet gripExternal rolling noise
145 R12C LT86/84N8PREC70/2
155 R12C LT88/86R8PREC70/2
165 R13C LT94/92R8PRCC70/2
175 R13C LT97/95R8PRCB70/2
175/65 R14C LT90/88T6PRCB70/2
185 R14C LT102/100R8PREB70/2
195 R14C LT106/104R8PRCB70/2
205 R14C LT109/107P8PRCC71/2
205/75 R14C LT109/107S8PRCB71/2
195 R15C LT106/104R8PRCB70/2
195/70 R15C LT104/102R8PRCB70/2
205/70 R15C LT106/104R8PRCB70/2
215/70 R15C LT109/107S8PRCB70/2
215/65 R15C LT104/102T6PRCB71/2
225/70 R15C LT112/110R8PRBB71/2
185/75 R16C LT104/102T8PRCB70/2
195/75 R16C LT107/105R8PRCB70/2
195/65 R16C LT104/102T8PRBB70/2
195/60 R16C LT99/97H6PREB70/2
205/75 R16C LT113/111R10PRBB70/2
205/65 R16C LT107/105T8PRCB70/2
215/75 R16C LT116/114R10PRBB70/2
215/70 R16C LT108/106T6PRCB70/2
215/65 R16C LT109/107T8PRCB70/2
215/60 R16C LT103/101H6PRCB70/2
225/75 R16C LT118/116R10PRCB71/2
225/75 R16C LT121/120R10PRCB71/2
225/65 R16C LT112/110T8PRCB71/2
235/65 R16C LT121/119R10PRCB71/2
215/60 R17C LT109/107T8PRCB70/2
235/60 R17C LT117/115R10PRNANANA/NA