Kargomax ST-4000

Trailers & caravans


„Specially developed tyre for heavy-duty trailer and caravan use for long driving distances.“

All the advantages Properties and use

Robust profile design developed for trailer use
Combines high abrasion resistance with low rolling resistance
Reinforced sidewall construction and rubber compound
Reduces the signs of ageing due to ozone or uv exposure during extended service life
Specially developed rubber compound (interior liner)
This tyre provides constant air pressure

Performance figures Performance clearly defined

Tire size Load capacity Speed Load class
145/70R13 84 N XL M+S D C 69 B
145/80R13 79 N XL M+S D C 70 B
155R13 84 N XL M+S C C 70 B
155/70R13 78 N SL M+S D C 69 B
165/70R13 80 N SL M+S D C 69 B
185/70R13 93 N XL M+S D C 70 B
185/65R14 93 N XL M+S D C 69 B
195/70R14 96 N XL M+S C C 72 B
195/65R15 95 N XL M+S C C 72 B