The new High Performance tyre from GTRadial for passenger cars


“The GT Radial FE2 is a genuine HP tyre designed with the needs of European car drivers at heart. It is a perfect match to medium size and executive European saloons. Safety on wet, long lasting mileage, quite smooth drive, superb fuel efficiency and great comfort are among the best features of this product.”

All the advantages Properties and use

completely new advanced compound
Excellent grip on dry & wet roads, across wide range of temperatures
Multi-parameter tread contour
Even wear, high mileage
Optimized light weight carcass
Low rolling resistance, less fuel consumption
New pattern approach with stiff ribs
Precise steering, stable braking

Performance figures Performance clearly defined

Tire size Load capacity Speed Load class
185/60R15 88 H XL - C A 69 B
185/65R15 88 H SL - C A 69 B
185/65R15 88 T SL - C A 69 B
195/65R15 91 H SL - C A 69 B
195/65R15 95 H XL - C A 69 A
205/55R16 91 H SL - C A 69 B
205/55R16 91 V SL - C A 69 B
205/50R17 93 W XL - C A 69 A
205/55R17 95 W XL - C A 69 A
225/50R17 98 Y XL - C A 69 A
225/55R17 101 Y XL - C A 69 A