FE1 City

Inner-city mobility and convincing handling properties


„New summer tyre with outstanding performance and excellent driving characteristics, especially for city cars“

All the advantages Properties and use

Latest tread compound
Excellent mileage and reliable grip in wet conditions
Optimized carcass construction
Weight reduction and optimized pressure distribution for a long service life
New profile design
Shorter braking distance in wet and dry conditions

Performance figures Performance clearly defined

Tire size Load capacity Speed Load class
145/80R13 79 T XL - D B 71 B
155/80R13 83 T XL - D B 71 B
165/80R13 83 T SL - D B 69 B
155/65R14 79 T XL - C B 68 A
165/65R14 83 T XL - D B 71 B
175/70R14 88 T XL - D B 71 B
185/65R14 86 H SL - D B 69 B
185/70R14 88 H SL - D B 69 B
195/70R14 91 H SL - D B 69 B
155/60R15 78 T XL - D B 71 B
165/65R15 85 T XL - D B 71 B
175/55R15 81 T XL - D B 71 B
185/55R16 87 V XL - D B 71 B