Adventuro M/T

Muddy terrain – off-road use


„The Adventuro M/T is a tyre for heavy terrain and offers maximum traction. A coarse tread design and its robustness result in this product's unique character.“

All the advantages Properties and use

Coarse profile structure
Greater grip and traction, especially on muddy and slippery surfaces
Distinct 3d profile cleats
Self-cleaning properties and high aquaplaning prevention.
Segmented carcass construction and a solid outer shoulder
Excellent traction and stability on all surfaces
Robust carcass construction
This tyre exceptionally withstands injuries and damage in heavy terrain

Performance figures Performance clearly defined

Tire size Load capacity Speed PR
31×10.50R15LT 109 Q 6PR M+S/POR - - - -
33×12.50R15LT 108 Q 6PR M+S/POR - - - -
235/85R16LT 120/116 Q 10PR M+S/POR - - - -
245/75R16LT 120/116 Q 10PR M+S/POR - - - -
305/70R16LT 118/115 Q 8PR M+S/POR - - - -