4Seasons SUV

The perfect tyre for your SUV journeys all year round


"New 4Seasons SUV is finetuned for the needs of compact SUV as well as crossover vehicles, delivers consistent levels of grip, no matter the season, temperature or road conditions."

All the advantages Properties and use

Dual ultra-wide grooves
Ensures fast water evacuation, resistance to aquaplaning, and short braking distances on wet surfaces
New all seasons „full silica“ compound
Ensures consistent grip across wide range of temperatures, and a long lasting mileage
Multiple deep sipes
Ensures excellent grip on snow and ice surfaces, for firm accelerations and short stopping distances

Performance figures Performance clearly defined

Tire size Load capacity Speed Load class
215/65R16 102 V XL 3PMSF C B 72 B
215/60R17 96 V SL 3PMSF C B 72 B
215/65R17 103 V XL 3PMSF B B 72 B
225/65R17 106 V XL 3PMSF B B 72 B
235/55R17 103 V XL 3PMSF C B 72 B
235/65R17 108 V XL 3PMSF B B 72 B
215/55R18 99 V XL 3PMSF C B 72 B
235/55R18 104 V XL 3PMSF C B 72 B