New GT Radial MAXMILER AllSeason2 delivers the goods – year round 27th June 2023

The GT Radial MAXMILER AllSeason2 has been launched across Europe with an A label for wet braking plus bigger sizes and higher speed ratings to meet demand for the latest vehicle rollouts.

The next generation update on our original four-season tyre for van and light truck markets, wet braking has been enhanced by over 15% while wet handling has seen a plus 20% improvement.

There have also been performance improvements in dry braking and dry handling while snow braking and snow handling continue to perform on-par with leading manufacturers’ respective patterns. The original tyre’s long lasting mileage and robustness have also been retained.

The GT Radial MAXMILER AllSeason2 is initially available in 16 sizes with 15-17” rims, section widths from 195-235 and series sizes from 55-75. Speed indices include R, S, T and H.

Developed at the acclaimed Giti Tire European Research & Development Centre,the GT Radial MAXMILER AllSeason2 has a new tread compound utilises the latest silica compound to ensure low rolling resistance and fuel consumption, key cost saving elements for commercial operations.

Advanced sidewall protection, essential for commercial vehicles which can be kerbed dozens of times a day, has been designed to offer a larger level of protection.

The large quantity of sipes on the tread deliver effective grip and safety on wet roads when braking, while the siped edges contribute towards braking and grip performance in snowy and slippery conditions. The tyre carries the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol of its sidewall.

Fabio Pecci-Boriani said: “All season demand in light truck sees an ever-growing surge in demand, so it is imperative we have a tyre which commands both handling performance with commercial operations.

“The GT Radial MAXMILER AllSeason2 delivers all-year round reliability, endurance, long lasting mileage and improved braking performance on wet, snowy and slippery roads for enhanced safety. Size and speed extensions, alongside the most popular sizes, mean we now cover over 90% of our target vehicle market.
“The GT Radial MAXMILER name has, over the last few decades, become synonymous with trust, reliability, safety, durability and mileage, the AllSeason 2 is no exception.”