GT Radial launches next generation UHP winter tyre with new WinterPro2 Sport

Giti Tire has released details of the GT Radial WinterPro2 Sport, the brand’s latest winter tyre dedicated to the UHP market.

Designed for both high powered passenger cars and premium SUVs, rims range from 17-19”, section widths from 215-235 and series sizes from 40-65.

The GT Radial WinterPro2 Sport carries the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol for approved fitment in markets with laws governing winter tyre use.

Design features include a scimitar shape directional profile with sharp edges for improved grip on snow and wet roads, and large shoulder blocks with multi T-bars for stability and a precise UHP handling experience.

Ultra-wide grooves provide fast water evacuation for firm braking and optimised deep traction sipes deliver high performance snow traction and braking.

A fine-tuned compound, profile and construction reduces rolling resistance for improved fuel saving, without any compromise in driving safety.

The GT Radial WinterPro2 Sport tyre is originally available in nine sizes, with six like-for-like replacements of the popular GT Radial Champiro Winterpro HP and the introduction of three rapidly growing sizes.

The project target was to take the best properties of its predecessor and improve them still further. The new winter tyre is 15% better in ice traction and handling, 10-15% improved in snow traction, braking and handling and up to 7% enhanced in wet braking and handling.

Alongside the GT Radial WinterPro2, the brand now covers 39 of the top 42 sizes across passenger car and SUV dimensions, which covers 70% of the total market.

The GT Radial WinterPro2 Sport is available to order now for deliveries for the winter 2020/21 season.

The tyre was designed and engineered by Giti Tire’s European Research & Development Centre in Hannover, Germany.