Maxmiler AllSeason

All season tyre for light truck commercial operations

71 dB

„The ideal tyre for LTR and van vehicles in the changing weather conditions, combining long lasting mileage and safety.“

All the advantages Properties and use

New tread compound
Dedicated new advanced all season compound
Innovative profile
Good traction in low adherence roads covered with snow and ice
Optimized slats and profile grooves
Excellent aquaplaning resistance and short braking distances on wet roads
New profile design
Secure handling and high speed stability in warm summer days

Performance figures Performance clearly defined

Tire sizeLoad capacitySpeedExtra-loadFuel efficiencyWet gripExternal rolling noise
195/70R15104/102 R -E C 71/2
215/65R15104/102 T -E C 71/2
215/70R15109/107 R -C C71/2
225/70R15112/110 R -C B 71/2
195/65R16104/102 T -E C 71/2
195/75R16107/105 R -E C 71/2
205/65R16107/105 T -C C71/2
235/65R16115/113 R -C B 71/2
205/75R16113/111 R -C C 71/2
215/65R16109/107 T -C C 71/2
215/75R16116/114 R -C C 71/2
225/65R16112/110 R -C B 71/2
225/75R16121/120 R -C B 71/2